Edina was born and raised in Hungary, where her coming-of-age novel, “Red Snow” (which she wrote in high school) became a cult favorite of her generation, and sold 10 thousand copies. After the Iron Curtain fell, she was one of the first students to receive a scholarship to a liberal arts college in the U.S: Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts.

     She moved to Los Angeles to pursue her longtime dream of making films when she was accepted to the Peter Stark Producing Program at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, the top film school of the Unites States with strong connections to the Hollywood film industry.  After receiving her Master's degree, Edina has worked with a number of independent producers as a script doctor, and helped them get the most out of a screenplay while respecting the writer's original vision.  


Edina's interest in directing films started when her young daughter demanded her to film soap operas she made up featuring Littlest Pet Shop figures.  

     In the Fall of 2016, when said daughter became more interested in Minecraft, Edina finally ditched the plastic actors, and made the leap to direct actual humans.  She wrote and directed the retro romantic comedy “In a Dream,” which had its U.S. premiere at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival and is now available on Amazon.  Her second film, “Reborn,” a drama infused with magical realism also had a successful festival run and can be seen on Tubi TV.  Her third film, “Commonality” is coming soon to AlleyOOp TV, a new channel targeting African-American audiences.

     Edina's is currently developing “Madness,” an episodic psychological thriller with an international cast of characters.  She is also working on setting up a Cold War romance / espionage thriller which she wrote based on a true story and she is also writing two feature film scripts: one centering on a women's health issue, and the other featuring a female main character with a unique superpower.

     The common thread throughout Edina's works is her focus on complex female protagonists: real women who struggle, sometimes fail and sometimes succeed, but always strive for fulfillment.  Many of her screenplays are driven by the interactions of characters from different cultures, reflecting on what separates and what unites us all in this global village.